Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Infinite Attack! Engiman Rain!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to SO IMBA!,

where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

Today, I managed to get a few fights in, against two decks: Shadow Paladin, and Dimension Police.

Against Shadow Paladin it was rather interesting. I only lost to either drawing two Grade 3s or them double critical-ing.

Though, I have to say that Majesty Lord Blaster isnt really answering. I end up just searching it out with Wingal Brave to throw with Garmall.

Garmall > Phantom Blaster Overlord. True Story.

4 Garmall and 4 Baromedes. Also seems cool. Start with Dorangal and ride Galahad up to Grade 2.
Great against 11k Vanguard decks, also powerful against decks that like to attack rear guards.

Today, though, I'd like to show you a different deck:
Beauty Rain: Infinite Attack!

G0: 17
Engiman Ripple X1
Army PenguinX4
Cosmo Fang X4
Guide Dolphin X4
Justice Rose X4

G1: 15
Engiman Flow X4
Commander Laurel X4
Calenloid Daisy/Engiship X4 (Either works.)
Cosmoroar X3

G2: 10
Engiman Wave X2
Cosmo Beak X4
Twin Order/Dai Lady X4

G3: 8
4 Engiman Rain
4 Miracle Beauty
(Another possible line up would be 3 Engiman Rain, 1 Engiman Storm, and 4 Miracle Beauty. Engiman Flow allows you to search out Storm, if you have the need for such defense.)

Now, Miracle Beauty's ability is rather interesting.

If you use Enigman Rain's ability or a Stand Trigger to stand her, you can stand the unit behind her as well, standing two units at the same time.

So, the flow of the turn goes like this:

Call Cosmo Roars and Cosmo Beaks to pump up Engiman Rain's power. You want at least 16k, or more, if possible.
Now, even if the last unit to hit the field in the corner was Cosmo Beak, whom cannot boost, do not mind.
Call Kalenloid Daisy behind Enigman Rain.
Call Commander Laurel to one of the corners.
In the right and left guard circles, call two Miracle Beauty.

So your field:
Vanguard: Engiman Rain. Boost: Kalenloid Daisy
Right Guard: Miracle Beauty. Boost: Cosmo Beak/Cosmo Roar/Etc that was used to pump the Vanguard.
Left Guard: Miracle Beauty. Boost: Commander Laurel.

Do remember that you cant take several turns to build up your forces and set up this formation, as the deck fights regularly without any tricks, until you get to this.

Dimension Police tend to fight a very long winded fight. When you have 5 Damage or so, it wont be uncommon for the opponent to have less than 2. Even in this situation, you will have been hunting their rear guards, and using Laurel to gain insane amounts to card advantage.

This creates a situation in which: The opponent has very little cards with which to guard, but plenty of Damage to take, so he does not NEED to guard.

If the opponent only has 2 cards in hand or so, then you should go for the infinite attack.

Lets just say your Vanguard is 17k Power. One guide Dolphin and one Cosmo Beak.

Attack, boosted by Kalenloid Daisy. The total power is 25k Power. If the opponent is a 10k Vanguard, AND at only 2 Damage, they will usually let the attack through.
Even if they guard, it cannot be very hard to break through, since they have such low shields.

Get! Draw Trigger. Power to Vanguard!
Now, since the attack hit, use Commander Laurel's effect to stand the Vanguard, resting all your Vanguard.
Next, use Engiman Rain to Stand one Miracle Beauty.
Miracle Beauty Stands commander Laurel.
Attack again with 22k Power Engiman Rain.
Attack hit. Use Engiman Rain to stand Miracle Beauty, and Miracle beauty stands Cosmo Beak.
Since the Vanguard's Attack hit, rest 4 of your Dimension Police rear guards to Stand Engiman Rain.

Attack the Vanguard again.
Twin Drive, 3rd time of the the turn.
Get! Stand Trigger!
Power to Vanguard, and stand one miracle beauty, which stands the unit behind her.
Since the attack hit, stand the other Miracle Beauty, which stands the unit behind her.

Commander Laurel effect. Stand the Vanguard! (27k Power)

Attack with Vanguard, again.
Twin Drive. 4th Time.
No Stand trigger... (T.T *Sad face)
Draw Trigger get!
Power to Rear guard Miracle Beauty.
Attack hit! Use Rain's skill to stand Miracle Beauty.
Miracle Beauty stands Kalenloid Daisy.

Attack. 23k Power with Rear guard.

You get the general idea? So long as you drive check a Stand Trigger, you can effectively stand your Vanguard. The second would be used on the boost behind the Vanguard, probably.

Even after this, your hand grew an astounding NINE cards this turn, with Twin Drive occurring twice, even if they enemy did get a 6th Damage heal trigger, there would be no way for them to fight back.

Even if your miracle beauty's get taken down somehow next turn, you can easily call something to replace them, and attack the next turn for game.

So long as there is love in this work, Justice shall always rise up!

Ride! Engiman Rain!